Ques.The status of my recharge is pending. What should i do?
Ans.We request you to wait for 10 - 15 mins. Sometimes recharges take longer than usual. In case your recharge is not done in the next 15 mins. Please write to us at care@jaldirecharge.com, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Ques.Where can i know the status of my recharge?
Ans.To know status, go to order history

Ques.What happens to my money if my recharge fails?
Ans.Your money remains safe with us. we add your recharge amount in JR WALLET

Ques.My Recharge not done but money is deducted from my bank or card?
Ans.Sometimes due to technical reason or delayed response from the bank the recharge shows as failed even though the amount has been deducted from your account. Be assured that your amount is totally secure and as per bank procedure it would be refunded within 2-12 working days.

Ques.Money is deducted two or more times from my bank or card ?
Ans.This may be happened due to refresh the page or pressing back button while doing payment.Be assured that your amount is totally secure and as per bank procedure it would be refunded within 2-12 working days. If you do not receive the refund , kindly contact us again.

Ques.I am not able to make the payment
Ans.Currently no solution available for your query, contact us further to solve.

Ques.My order status is showing pending but i did not get the recharge benefit?
Ans.Just wait for few hours .If you still have not received recharge,call up the operator and provide them the details sent to you through mail.If you do not receive any confirmation SMS from your mobile operator withinfour hours, then you click No button below to give us details.We will be happy to help you.

Ques.I got different benefits from what is mentioned in the tariff table.
Ans.Currently no solution available for your query,contact us further to solve.

Ques.I recharged on wrong number?
Ans.Sorry, but if the recharge is already success then we are unable to cancel the order. The operator does not provide any refund for wrong recharges. Be very careful from next time to place an order for recharge.

Ques.My recharge is failing again and again ?
Ans.It may be possible that the same recharge request is failing because your operator may have changed the tariff plan or offer.Kindly contact with your operator customer care to know about the available tariff offers before placing your order.

Ques.My recharge status is still showing Pending ?
Ans.contact us further to solve.

Ques.My recharge failed but amount is not added to wallet
Ans.This happens rarely, but in case your transaction fails & the refund is not added to your JR Wallet, just wait for few hours. If you still have not added then kindly submit a request by clicking No button below.

Ques.How long will it take for refund in bank for Failed recharges?
Ans.In case your recharge fails,it takes 2-12 working days for refund into bank account. If you do not received the refund within 12 working days kindly click No button below to give us details. We will check the refund status with your bank.