Ques.What is JR Wallet?
Ans.JR Wallet is just like a wallet. In case your transaction fails, your money is deposited back in your JR Wallet. You could use the money in JR wallet to do another recharge.

Ques.What is JR wallet and how to use it?
Ans.JR Wallet is an online wallet for jaldirecharge registered users. Sometimes, a recharge might fail due to network failure, invalid amount, invalid operator, etc. and that amount would be added to JR Wallet. More over there are no extra charges for the recharges done through JR Wallet.

Ques.How to add money in JR Wallet and how much time will it takes?
Ans.You can go to wallet screen from the menu and enter the amount you wish to add to JR Wallet. Then you can select the payment option like credit/debit card or netbanking to make the payment. Amount would be added instantly to wallet once payment is completed.

Ques.Payment deducted from bank but JR Wallet balance did not updated?
Ans.Check your wallet balance! If the wallet balance is not increased that means your payment transaction was not successful in real time. Sometimes, due to technical reasons, we may not receive response from the bank for your payment request. In such case, we assume it as a payment attempt. It is possible that the money has been debited from your bank and not added to the wallet. Please contact to the customer care, We will verify your query and within 24 hours money will be added to your JR Wallet.

Ques.Is there any validity for using JR Wallet account?
Ans.No, JR Wallet has no expiry Date. You can use it at any time.

Ques.How can i check my JR Wallet balance?
Ans.You can simply login into your www.jaldirecharge.com account. There is an option of JR Wallet where you can check your wallet balance details.